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Christopher Golden


A series of minute mysteries. (10 minutes, to be exact.)

Christopher Golden

Christopher Golden is the author of several science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels, including the bestselling trilogy X-Men: Mutant Empire. He is the regular writer for th epopular comic book series Shi and has also written for other comics. He recently launched his own horror/action comics line, The Terrorist Saga.

This book follows the classic short mystery formula. From the books page:

"They call me Case. Justin Case, detective for the Metro P.D. You see a lot of nutty things in this crazy business. I mean, who would guess that a fortune in Chinese artifacts would just disappear from the Metro Museum? Or that someone would lace a supermodel's lipstick with deadly poison? And then there's that Rayzor Sharpe. I put the clueless little punk away for life, but then he breaks out. Now he's on th eloose and hungry for revenge, and I'm Numero Uno on his menu. I don't like to brag, but I haven't seen a crime that I couldn't solve. How about you? Let's see if you can crack these cases from my files. I've enven provided some of the crime-scene sketches to help you out. But watch your back! You never know when Rayzor Sharpe will turn up next-like maybe the next time you turn the page."

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The 10 Minute Detective
Christopher Golden

25 puzzle stories of murder, deception, and grand theft. Each story is accompanied by a full-page "scene of the crime" illustration which provides a wealth of clues—and red herrings. After carefully reading each story, sizing up the suspects, and examining the visual clues, readers employ their deductive skills to unravel the secrets of each compelling crime.

112 pages
ISBN 9780761507000