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Derrick Niederman


A single book from Derrick Niederman, though he contributed to several mystery collections with other writers.

Derrick Niederman

Derrick Niederman, credited as a career puzzle maker, has built an interesting series of mini-mysteries in this book - also collected alongside several similar authors in a compilation edition, and reprinted with a more modern comic-book style cover in 2009.

This follows the usual minute-mystery format, but is followed by a series of questions from Inspector Forsooth, to be answered to solve the crime. Answers are very in-depth, with some requiring a bit of elaboration, rather than simple deduction from the clues.

Note that the 2009 reprint is featured in the thumbnail - the image previews are from the 1999 edition.

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Inspector Forsooths Mini Mysteries
Derrick Niederman
Matt Lafleur (Illustrator)

Solve a murder without knowing where the crime took place, unravel a most elaborate double-cross, and find out how someone poisoned a world-famous musician. If you're up for a challenge, you've come to the right place! These 12 mysteries--including Halloween Horror (death by candy bar), The Valentine's Day Massacre (a murder brings the victim's secrets to light), and Where There's a Will (a wealthy man makes a fatal mistake)--are like no others you've seen before. Each one has been tested online, honed to perfection with thousands of suggestions, and offers a baffling mosaic of clues to consider. But don't despair if you're totally at sea: just turn to Inspector Forsooth's question-and-answer pages for a little guidance.

96 pages
ISBN 9780806931999