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An eccentric millionaire buries real treasure

Forrest Fenn

When Forrest Fenn believed he was to die from a 1988 cancer diagnosis, he had envisioned a peaceful place for himself to lay down and die in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Beating the diagnosis, in 2010 he wrote a Memoir that contained a 24 line poem that, if solved, would lead to the location, where he had hidden a treasure chest, with gold and other treasures worth a million dollars.

In 2020 the mystery was finally cracked, and Fenn passed, aged 90. There is much controversy surrounding this book, well worth a read in it's own right.

Here are two such articles - from Outside and The Guardian

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The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir
Forrest Fenn

This book is the remarkable true story of Forrest Fenn's life and of a hidden treasure, secreted somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. The book contains clues to the treasure's location as Forrest Fenn invites readers to join in "The Thrill of the Chase".

147 pages
ISBN 9780967091785