Judy Moody
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Megan McDonald


The famous Judy Moody takes a stab at solving mysteries.

Judy Moody

Megan Jo McDonald is an American children's literature author. Her most popular works is the series of books which concern a third grade girl named Judy Moody (written for grades 2–4). McDonald has also written many picture books for younger children and continues to write. Her most recent work was the Julie Albright series of books for American Girl.

With this standalone book her character Judy Moody solves 6 different mysteries, in additional to many simple single-page puzzles, such as code breaking, logic puzzles and visual puzzles.

There are the usual Judy Moody charming illustrations and the whole book is a great intro for young mystery readers - particularly young females who may already be familiar with McDonald's writing style.

Books in this series
Judy Moody Mini Mysteries
Megan McDonald
Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator)

Join detective Judy Drewdy to create a way-official detective kit, solve six mini-mysteries, and sharpen real-and-actual sleuth skills.

96 pages
ISBN 9780763659417