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Wimmelbild containing search and find

Mike Wilks

Mike Wilks is a prolific illustrator and writer who in the 80s and 90s published various a range of wimmelbild books, often containing search and find and spot the difference.

Only one is listed here, though many of his books contain little puzzles - this particular one follows imaginary landscapes and factories, all to do with the weather, with the reader tasked with finding a mysterious creature on each page, who could destroy everything!

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The Weather Works
Mike Wilks

Here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a guided tour of the Weather Works, a unique sprawling factory where the weather is made. Open this enchanting volume and wander through Mike Wilks's atmospheric wonderland. Visit chamber after chamber, each filled with fascinating machinery dutifully churning out the weather in all its variations. Skate through the ice and sleet compartment, and sweat through the burning-hot halls where liquid sunshine bubbles in vats. Marvel at the revolutionary wonders being wrought in Research, and bask in the radiant colors of Rainbow Hall.

Notice how the guide grows visibly older and more harried as the tour progresses, and keep a sharp eye on the mysterious pet, who seems intent on wreaking havoc!

Charming and challenging, The Weather Works is a metaphorical epic of finely interwoven art and verse, destined to earn a place as a classic illustrated work for readers of all ages.

32 pages
ISBN 9780764975387