Schnapp Den Diebb
Catch the Thief
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Steffen Gumpert

A german mystery book

Schnapp Den Diebb

For fans of Hans Jurgen Press, this mystery book, from the writer of other well known mystery series, is stunning. The illustrations are intricate and much more modern and clean than Press's work, but has a similar range of visual mysteries and fun. There is currently no english print.

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Catch the thief! Exciting Mystery Thrillers to Guess At
Schnapp den Dieb! Spannende Rätselkrimis zum Mitraten
Steffen Gumpert

Attention thieves! The Knobelklub Kieselklein is investigating again.

But this time, YOUR instinct is also required!

Because the thieves try everything to lure Lilo, Tilo, Gecko Gurke and police inspector Kieselklein on the wrong track ...

Five exciting and tricky adventures to guess at. Here we go. Get out the magnifying glass, get set, go!

128 pages
ISBN 9783473531486