You do the Math
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Hilary Koll


Using the power of Math to solve crimes.

You do the Math

Part of a series of books by Hilary Koll, all involving Math to solve real world problems (Launch a Rocket, Build a Skyscraper etc), this book focusses on solving crimes.

While very much a school book, the stories use a strong comic-book style format, with each colorful illustration doing a great job portraying the crime to solve.

Books in this series
Solve A Crime
Hilary Koll
Steve Mills (Illustrator)

Collect the clues to become an amazing super-sleuth! Follow each stage of the case and complete the maths exercises to track down and catch the criminal. From addition and decimals to line graphs and pie charts, these books have different challenges to be solved with a varying range of difficulty.

32 pages
ISBN 9781609927325