You're the Detective
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Lawrence Treat


Another classic from Treat, using his iconic format of imagery, and clues within the text.

You're the Detective

This collection of 24 mysteries brings another Treat classic to life - though the illustrations are a little dated, the stories remain interesting and fun to solve.

Each double page contains an illustration, a short story (of only a few paragraphs), and then several questions for the reader to answer - usually 'yes' and 'no'. This book is a little less focussed on the imagery, compared to a lot of Treat's puzzle work, particularly his more 'before and after' style puzzles in the 'Get A Clue' series.

The questions to the reader are a little repetitive with their usually only really being 1 or 2 substantive mysteries within the story to be solve, but the larger puzzle is usually clever, and (like most Treat books) keeps readers interested.

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You're The Detective
Lawrence Treat
Kathleen Borowik (Illustrator)

Lawrence Treat has conjured up yet another devilishly delightful collection of picture mysteries -- this time for young readers. The clues are in the picture; it's up to you, the young detective, to size up the situation and solve the mystery.

77 pages
ISBN 9781567923971